Welcome to
~ Wind on Water ~

a community exchange initiative
for goods and services

Learn from the past ~ unite for the future

The elements are more powerful than anything that man has created.  As we face a new time on earth, and societies are rethinking how interactions should be handled, it is clear that the people should lead.  A coming back together of what was inherent and simple.  

Each of you has a skill, a gift, a product.  Take it to community.  This website allows people from all over the world to build community with those around them.  Local and long-distance.  Art or a service is as valuable as food.  Nothing has a price tag.  It will take us all to undo what has been done and build a new system that can sustain not only the planet but each other.

Participate and Change Your World

  1. List yourself and your gift/skill/service/product that is available for trade/exchange.
  2. Consider every item for the power and energy it holds.  Everything is equal.
  3. Be kind and courteous.
  4. Use the Directory to find each other by city, state and country.
  5. Share this website with everyone you know.  It costs nothing.

What do you have to trade or know how to do? What service are you trying to bring to humanity?

Eggs or produce from your farm or garden.  Your paintings.  Yoga classes.  Tutoring and training in any skill or occupation.  A cup of coffee from your privately-owned shop.  Healing work.  Midwife services.  Meeting space.  Car-pooling or transportation.  House cleaning services.  Accumulated rewards program points turned into gift cards or frequent flier miles.  Add items to, and change your listing as your offerings and life change with season or circumstance.

What do you need?

This system is designed to help you change how you think and interact.  You must consider and list yourself and what you have to offer/trade BEFORE you will be granted access to the community to request assistance with your own needs.  Everyone has something important to offer.

What is not permitted

No sales pitches or teasers to try to get people to pay money and buy your products.  No “percentage off” coupon deals.  This is a network for community-building and exchange, that by interaction creates “natural marketing.”  You may list your website and contact information.  Networking occurs naturally as well.  Be deliberate.  The more people who sign up in your area by your introduction, the more supported all of you will be by each other.  Within the membership, exchanges are required to be a full trade.  As the relationships grow, purchasing-by-choice and business referrals may occur later.

How to build your new framework of personal & community support

In earlier societies before credit cards, big corporations and banks, a neighbor would trade milk from their cow to the local healer for herbs for their sick child.  And this community-building platform allows you to do the same.

Meet people.  Share.  Be creative in offering and solving things for others as part of seeking out the things you need for yourself and your family.  Create links and networks to bridge community gaps.  If you don’t have a trade-item that fits perfectly with the person who has what you need, seek out and facilitate by adding others to the exchange.  Instead of ‘pushing’ yourself out into the world within only the normal ‘business framework’ of sales-pitches-for-cash, how much “cash” would you save in your budget for items traded in-kind?  How creative will you get in facilitating events, markets, meet-up groups, introductions, sign-ups, and exchange locations as you build your new community network?  Who and what are you connected to?  Make a list of 20 places you go and 20 people you know.  Together we will build the practical new framework and community gatherings to support each other.  Start simple with hand-to-hand practical trading.  Become inspired from there.  When you watch the news, don’t see negativity and short-falls.  See opportunity.  Solutions are everywhere.  Which one are you?