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Be inspired

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Be creative

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Be the solution

There are no membership fees to join this community, but it will require you think through carefully what you are offering to share as part of participation.  

Here is the list of questions you will be asked when you sign up and place your request to be added to the directory.  A facilitator will review your submission and either approve your admission, or send you a note to let you know what elements of your application or offerings will need to be modified in order to change your status from pending to approved.

Your Application

Placing yourself on the Community grid

To get started, we naturally need your name; but also the city, state and country you live in. This allows members to do a search to find others in their area.  We will also ask you for your occupation. If you have a public company location to share, we also encourage you to provide your address.  For privacy and security reasons, we do not recommend you share your home address.

Choose how to communicate

We invite you to provide a link to your website as well as to your personal or business Facebook page.  You will be asked what your preferred method of communication is.  Providing your email address is necessary for account set up and another option for other members to contact you.  If you have concerns about sharing your email address in this way on a public directory, consider setting up a free gmail account just for use in Wind on Water.

Tell us your specialty ~ How can you be of service

To help you begin the thought process and to standardize the Directory for easier reference, we have created a list of Exchange Categories to choose from.  You will need to identify one or more of these so that others will know what you are offering to provide in an exchange/trade.  You should be inspired to pick more than one, and return to your directory listing later to add or remove items as situations in your life change or you realize other things you might offer once you begin to interact in the community.  As a member, you will be able to search the directory by these keywords to see who might have what you need to trade for as well.  And following your list selection, you will be invited to describe in greater detail how you are available to be of service.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Transportation / local-ground / air travel / frequent flier points
  • Accommodations - hotel or via rewards redemption
  • Care-giver
  • Educational Training/Tutoring
  • Food Production / Gardening
  • Handyman / Contractor
  • Computer / IT Specialist
  • Artist
  • Counseling – Licensed Practitioner – Psychologist / Psychiatrist / etc
  • Counseling – Other – Intuitive/Astrologer / etc.
  • Medical – Licensed Practitioner
  • Medical – Other – Herbalist / Reiki / Hypnotherapy / etc.
  • Training – Wellness – meditation / Yoga / diet / etc.
  • Veterinary / Animal Specialist
  • Consultant – Scientific – clean water / electrical / etc. 
  • Consultant – Business
  • Consultant – Operations / Logistics / Planning / etc.
  • Consultant – Security
  • Seamstress / Clothing Alterations
  • Housekeeping / Cleaning Services
  • Other – Service
  • Other - Products

What do you need assistance with?

As with the prior application information, we provide you with some standard category options to choose from to identify what type of assistance you are looking for in an exchange, followed by an opportunity to also give a brief description. 

  • Food / Beverage / Groceries
  • Transportation / local-ground / air travel / frequent flier points
  • Accommodations - hotel or via rewards redemption
  • Child care assistance
  • Elder care assistance
  • Medical care – Licensed/standard
  • Medical care – alternative practitioners
  • Housing
  • Counseling & decision-making assistance
  • Handyman services / construction
  • Job Training
  • Training – Wellness – meditation / Yoga / diet / etc.
  • Computer / IT Support
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Interaction with the creative arts / artwork / custom jewelry / etc.
  • Other

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